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Awkward Ellie is desperately trying to not be awkward at her first tea party. Unfortunately, Ellie is an elephant and it turns out drinking tea and eating cake is quite difficult when you don't have opposable thumbs.


Put a Playstation Move controller on your nose and use your elephant trunk to drink tea and eat cake like any nice guest would do.

Try not to knock over any things, unless you want to embarrass yourself.

Marvel at the stunningly colorful low-poly world through the lens(es) of an Oculus Rift.

For maximum fun, add tusks, ears and a snout to your Move/Oculus gadget extravaganza.


" I think I'm becoming an elephant" - Michail Nenkov after 26 hours of development

" WOWWWWWW!!" - Henning Steinbock, who was kind enough to borrow us his Oculus Rift for an entire game jam

" Is this what games have become?" - carpenter fellow from Jutland who doesn't own a computer

" Why was I even invited to this tea party?" - Maya Zachariassen


Ada Hyldahl Fogh - @ada_ada_ada_art

Michail Nenkov - @michailnenkov

Nina Cecilie Højholdt - @fatpandaclub


Jonathan Trier Brikner - @jonathantrier

Anton Pilmark

Emil Juul Clevin


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Awkward Ellie - Indiecade Version - OSX, Oculus Rift, PS Move - v. 0.75 47 MB
Awkward Ellie - Game Jam Version - OSX, Oculus Rift, PS Move - v. 0.5 54 MB